For Singaporeans who either live in Australia or are planning an Australian holiday, or even Australians planning a short term or indefinite stay in Singapore, sorting out passports and visas can require a bit of assistance to make sure everything is done right and you won’t find yourself unexpectedly on a plane back home. It’s vital to have the correct documentation certified by the right bodies to ensure a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re organising Singapore passports or arranging a visa for Singapore for Australian citizens who plan to stay longer than a holiday, you’ll likely need paperwork and documentation certified and authenticated by a notary specialist.
In which case, there’s never been a better time to book an appointment with Charles Reichman at Forbes, Reichman and Galasso.

Singapore Visa for Australian Citizens

A visa for Singapore for Australian citizens is not required for people visiting the country for tourism purposes. While there is no standard duration for the number of days granted to someone for staying in Singapore, each case is judged on its own merits, so it’s important to have any necessary paperwork certified to avoid disappointment.

For those entering the country for purposes other than tourism, whether it be for business or to establish residency, a notary lawyer can ensure your documentation has been certified in order to facilitate a smoother entry into the country.

Singapore Visa for Indian citizens

India falls under the category of Assessment Level 1 Applicants and therefore any Indian national looking to enter Singapore will require either a Business visa or Social Visit visa, even when coming in from Australia. The passport must have at least six months validity. In order to successfully apply for a Singapore visa for Indians, it’s important that your documentation be properly notarised.

Singapore Passport Application in Australia

It’s important to state that only Singapore citizens can apply for a Singapore passport. If you’re based in Australia and wishing to apply, you can do so in one of two ways. The first is online through Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, which in total should take about four weeks. The alternative choice is to apply for a passport through the High Commission. This can take up to eight weeks and typically requires many different types of paperwork, so it’s crucial that everything is properly checked over and notarised to help aid the application. We can also assist with passport renewal for Singapore citizens.

Release of Provident Fund Monies

If a person wishes to obtain their Provident fund monies (superannuation) from Singapore, they are required to renounce their citizenship in order to gain access to their Provident fund contribution. There are number of forms that need to be completed, and the only issue is that there is limited space to affix the red seal, but otherwise these documents do not require an Apostille or authentication and can be sent directly to Singapore after being notarised. Charles Reichman is aware of the process required and can certify all necessary documents.

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